Be Your Dog’s Christmas Miracle

Michael Baugh CDBC CPDT-KSA

A lot of us want things from our dogs. We mostly want them to behave differently–less of that behavior–more of the other. If we are smart, we don’t expect we can wish better behavior into being. We know we can’t simply complain the unwanted behavior away. It doesn’t work like that.

Real dog training is a process. It’s work. It’s hinged on our own human behavior. In order for our dogs to change, we need to change. We need to change.

Force your dog less.

Set them up for success more.

Protect them from the things that trigger them.

Teach them how to better handle triggering events gradually.

Learning and teaching is a process. It’s sometimes fast. It’s always steady. It is thoughtful and gentle.

Command and demand less. Pause and observe more. Simply be. Be your dog’s guild. Be his safe place. Today and always be the Christmas Miracle your dog deserves.


Michael Baugh teaches dog training in Houston, TX. He specializes in aggressive dog training.