Training Services – Aggression and Fear


Nobody plans to have a dog who barks, lunges, and scares people or other dogs. Certainly no one plans to have a dog who bites. This behavior can be confusing and frightening. And who could blame you worrying and wondering if there’s any hope?

There is.

What people tell us over and over again is that we are a calm and reasonable presence in a time when every thing feels out of of control. Yelling, yanking, hitting, and startling the dog hasn’t helped (it usually doesn’t). But, a thoughtful dog training and rehabilitation plan taught with kindness and patience does help.

We’ve helped folks solve lots of complicated behavior problems. This is a short list.

  • Dog aggression toward people, including their owners or visitors.
  • Dog aggression toward children. These cases require extra care. We have experience leading clients to successful resoutions.
  • Territorial dogs, dogs who won’t let people in your house.
  • Barking and lunging at other dogs on walks, often called “dog leash reactivity.”
  • Household dogs who fight with each other, sibling dog rivalry, and dog-dog resource guarding.
  • Dogs who guard their food, their toys, and their beds from humans (dogs who won’t let your spouse get in bed with you).
  • Dogs who growl at and bite the vet or vet tech – fear of the vet clinic and fear of being handled.
  • Dogs who don’t like to be touched by their owners or other people.
  • Dogs who seem unable to bond with humans – dogs who are afraid – dogs who cower in corners or won’t approach.
  • Dogs who constantly bark out the window when people or other dogs pass by – or when vehicles pass.
  • Dogs who charge the door – bark like crazy – bite and shred the mail.

Rest assured, none of this is new to us. Even if your dog’s behavior isn’t listed above – we’ve probably seen it before. Hopefully that brings you some comfort. You don’t have to do this alone. Our dog behavior team is here to help.

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