Pricing — How much does dog training cost in Houston?

Folks have questions. We have answers. Think of this as your own personal FAQ.

How much does aggressive dog training cost?

Well, it depends on your specific case. Here’s the average. Most clients budget for 4-6 meetings over a span 1-2 months. Remember, this includes support and coaching every day between your visits.

You pay per visit as you go, one visit at a time.

Get started:

Follow up appointments:

  • One hour Live Video Behavior Coaching (online) $225
  • In-Home follow ups $235

This is much more affordable than a board-and-train with a lot more value.

What is your Houston dog training service area for in person visits?

The map below is our Houston Service Area. We offer live video coaching sessions online for folks all over. But, people in our service area have the option to schedule in-person sessions. One isn’t better than the other. We just want you to know we offer both live and online help. Because that’s what we do. We help.

How does your dog behavior coaching work?

Michael’s dogs offers private training and behavior consulting for people who have dogs with behavior problems. We’re your personal dog experts, coaches, and cheerleaders all in one. Plan on learning a lot and working daily with your dog. And rest assured we are by your side all the way.

It starts with a phone call.

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Once you schedule your appointment you’ll receive a confirmation email. Make sure it’s not in your spam folder because it’s important. There’s link to a behavior questionnaire in there and a link to some important information to get you started.

Michael will want to learn more about what’s going on with your pet and what changes you’d like to see happen. You’ll work as a team to set goals together and lay out a behavior change plan. And yes, you will start training on that very first session.

You’ll stay connected with Michael between your coaching sessions, too. He’s here for you every day (except his days off, of course). The idea is to help you stay on track with your training and to answer questions along the way. We use easily accessible technology to do this – stuff you’re probably already familiar with .

You’re already on your way to learning practical behavior solutions for you and your dog. Ready to learn more? Let’s chat.

Talk to Houston dog trainer Michael Baugh      Book a Dog Behavior/Training Consultation