Training Services – Baby Prep

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So far your dog has been your baby. But, now there’s a human baby on the way. How will your dog handle that? Will he be jealous? Will he be territorial? Or maybe he’s just so goofy and energetic we wonder if it will all be too much when the baby gets here.

Don’t worry. There are actually a lot of things we can do to help families with dogs get ready for a new baby. Most dogs are very flexible. And all of them seem to love learning new things. We can teach him new rules and new boundaries. We can help him chill out.

Dog behavior expert Michael Baugh has years of experience helping new families with dogs and a baby on the way (even dogs who have aggression histories). The best time to get started is right at the end of the first trimester. But, starting early is good too. And, it’s never too late.


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