Training Services – Unruly Dog

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It can be a little surprising to discover all the trouble your dog can get into as he grows up. Who knew they had so much energy, right? Your family’s dog behavior problem may not be dangerous or scary. Your dog may just be goofy to the point of being annoying. Or maybe he’s just big and always moving – or little and always under foot – or loud. Oh my, the barking!

Let’s not ignore how all that craziness can get in the way of enjoying life with our dog. Yeah there are lots of dog training tips and tricks on the internet. But, how do we decide which ones are really effective and which one’s aren’t?

We can put together dog training plan with you – backed by years of experience and countless hours of education.

  • Dogs who jump on people
  • Leash pulling dogs
  • Dogs who chew things up
  • Potty training for dogs
  • Barking, barking, barking
  • Dogs who lick too much
  • Dogs who run around like crazy in the house.

What’s on your list? We are ready to help. Let’s start working to calm things down. Let’s help your dog become the dog you’ve been dreaming of.

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Houston dog trainer and dog behaviorist Michael Baugh has been helping families with dogs since 1999.