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Puppy Socialization in a Time of Social Distancing – What is puppy socialization? And why is it so important now in your puppy’s earliest months? And how do we socialize our new puppy when we can barely leave the house? This short course has fresh ideas for socializing your puppy in this unique time in our lives.

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Private Online Dog Behavior Consultations

Our certified houston dog trainer and dog behavior expert is here to help no matter where you are in the world. Live remote video conference training and consultations are effective and easier than you might think. And, there are lots of reasons a remote consultation might actually be the best choice for you and your family.

Distance. There may not be a dog behaviorist or qualified trainer in your area. That’s okay. Even if you are far outside our service area we can connect with you to offer help in real-time. And, yes, we can even assist with your hands-on training from a video connection. It still works.

Health and Safety. It may not make sense to have a trainer in your home at this time. Some aggressive dogs might need help before they are ready to meet a new trainer in person. Or, there might be a family member with an illness that would prohibit having guests in your home. Remote dog training and behavior consulting would be perfect for these types of situations.

Scheduling and convenience. We offer private remote dog training and behavior consultations at convenient hours (e.g. weekday evenings later than we might see in-person clients.

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