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Michael Baugh CDBC CPDT-KSA sets the standard for dog training and behavior coaching in Houston and the surrounding metro area. His mission is clear and unwavering — help people with their dogs so they can live long, safe, and enjoyable lives together.

Michael specializes in behavior change for fearful and aggressive dogs, dogs with more common unruly behavior, and dogs with separation anxiety. He teaches humane and effective strategies and techniques for training. Theres no frightening  or hurting dogs in the name of training.

Michael has 20 years experience, an extensive education, and multiple certifications in dog training and behavior.

His unique Person-Centered Approach is the key to effective behavior change in client dogs. He engages human clients daily, using technology and in-person teaching to help them succeed.

Close and cooperative relationship with the client’s veterinary team is also essential for success.  Please call to set up a lunchtime learning event for you and your staff. 832-541-5834

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