For vets: How we help your clients

Michael Baugh CDBC CPDT-KSA works in concert with veterinarians and vet clinic staff to help clients with dogs who have unwanted behavior problems.  Michael’s Dogs’ person-centered approach to canine behavior change focuses on engaging, teaching and fully supporting the human client through the entire process.

Michael helps with:

Aggressive Behavior

Fearful Behavior

Unruly Behavior

Getting Dogs Ready for a New Baby

In all cases, your clients can expect detailed instruction, demonstration, and coaching.  Clients enjoy in-person and actively engaged learning with Michael.  They also receive detailed training notes (e-mailed within 24 hours of the first visit) an daily online support through Michaels Dogs’ unique online training journal.  The client and trainer correspond every day, giving them an opportunity to share updates about training, successes, and questions.  In turn, Michael provides real-time coaching, feedback and support.  Nothing is left to chance, and the learning never stops.

Many of Michael’s clients also submit video of their training sessions by text or email. He reviews them and  provides feedback on the training journal.  Scheduled phone updates are also available between in-person learning sessions.

In addition to all this, Michael offers Day Training to select clients – a comprehensive service option in which he trains clients’ dogs personally in their own homes. The client can be away while the dog is learning. And Michael still provides detailed notes and even videos of the sessions. He teaches the client’s how to keep the learning process going in once-weekly person-centered sessions with the client.

Training and behavior help are part of the dog’s overall wellbeing.  So, Michael works closely with veterinary partners.  With your client’s permission, we will provide you with a brief report on our behavior change plan.  We will also include you on the online training journal so that you can monitor your client’s progress as we make our way through the behavior change process with their dog.