Five Fundamentals

Five Fundamentals of Dog Training.

1) Dogs do what works. They are opportunistic and smart. If something pays off for your dog, she will do it more. If it doesn’t work, she’ll stop. Think about coming when called. If you smile at your dog, throw a ball for her, or give her a bit of food when he comes to you, she’s more likely to do it again. And again. And again.

2) Happy dogs learn faster. Keep training light and bright. Make it look like you’re playing.

3) Fear and pain slow learning. Don’t use either of them.

4) Safety trumps everything. If your dog doesn’t feel safe you can’t teach her much of anything. Help her feel more comfortable. She’d do it for you.

5) Great training isn’t about who’s in charge. It’s about how you’re communicating. Notice what your dog is telling you. Teach your dog that her world is safe and that her actions can make good things happen.