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Michael Baugh brings years of experience, education, and proven know-how to help families who have dogs with difficult behavior problems. He’s an expert in dog behavior and the science of behavior change. Michael is also an effective teacher and coach for his human clients.

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Fear and Aggression

There are clear and sensible ways to help dogs become calmer and more confident. Michael Baugh’s knowledge and practical skills with fearful and aggressive dogs are backed up by two independent certifications. Michael also has graduate level education in human counseling and coaching to help families work with their dog’s difficult behavior problems.

Separation Anxiety

Michael helps families who have dogs with diagnosed separation distress or isolation distress. Please see your veterinarian or veterinary behaviorist before booking your first appointment. Michael will work in concert with him or her to help you with your dog. This service uses video remote training and is also available to clients outside the Houston area.

Behavior Wellness

You don’t have to have a dog with problem behaviors to work with Michael. He helps clients with a variety of typical training needs, with an eye for preventing more serious problem behaviors.

• Puppy Prep: Full training and behavior support for families raising new puppies. Need help with Puppy Potty Training? (click the link).
• Dogs and Children: Help for families with dogs and children (and the problems that sometimes arise from that exciting combination)
• Baby Prep for Dogs: Help for expectant parents preparing their dog for the arrival of a baby in the family.

Day Training

Need help getting started on training? Michael offers a comprehensive service in which he comes to your home to train your dog while you’re away. Many skills can be taught faster and more efficiently by a professional. This service includes weekly learning sessions (required) with you present – so you can keep building on your dog’s success.

Person-Centered Success

In all cases, Michael teaches and supports families who have dogs with serious behavior problems using a unique person-centered approach. Learning with Michael is both dynamic and comprehensive.

• Private in-home consultations for face-to-face learning, demonstrations, and personal coaching for you and your dog.
• Written training notes sent to your email box within 24 hours of your first visit.
• Online journaling to support your progress with your dog while providing daily coaching and feedback to maximize success.
• Video review of client training sessions with additional analysis and feedback.
• Phone support between visits.

Video link training sessions are also available.

Call to schedule your first appointment  713.934.9922  or tell us a little bit about yourself and your dog in this brief behavior questionnaire.

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